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We understand first-hand how tough it can be to find the parts you need for your Mercedes Benz. Calling each scrap yard and getting quotes can be a time waster, instead this website has been created to allow you to contact all listed suppliers with one part request. All you need to do is then wait for their replies. We are an online portal giving you access to South Africa's Mercedes Scrap Yards!


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Latest Part Requests

Customer Name
Part Description
Pali Seturumane
C220 - Automatic Gearbox - 1994 model - W202
Pali Seturumane
I need a C220 automatic gearbox - 1994 model - Petrol - W202
Pali Seturumane
Automatic gearbox
Front grill with badge
Gear selector Module (PCB under Gearshift inside car).
Mercedes Benz 230
I wish to buy Merc Benz 230 diesel /petrol engine
Air filter box
Mathias Dembetembe
Electro-hydraulic unit
Mathias Dembetembe
LH lower control arm.
Mathias Dembetembe
Electro-hydraulic unit
G Pflaum
500 sec
idle speed control

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You'll need the authentic thing when it comes to getting your spares because they were created especially for that auto. Car components manufactured for other vehicles belong in those vehicles, not in your Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz cars are renowned for there high standard of quality. They're tough and reliable and their owners depend on them to get them where they need to be. Only genuine Mercedes components share these qualities, and hence should have a place in your Mercedes. We don't accept less than the best nor should you. The W203 Mercedes parts we have in stock are just one case in point of the quality parts we have available. You need to worry about far more than just the quality of the spare part. You have to be focused on safety as well. Using car parts not manufactured for a Mercedes-Benz can lead to mechanical problems that can place your safety and those with you in the car, at risk.mercedes-spares_r1_c1

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Never be content with less than the best when you are looking at W202 Mercedes spares, or any other part for your car. After all, you purchased the finest car on the market when you bought a Mercedes-Benz. Why put anything less than the finest parts into it? Purchase authentic W124 Mercedes parts for your vehicle and keep clear of problems that come from using an inferior car part. We guarantee that you will be obtaining the genuine spares you'll need for your quality Merc at a fraction of the cost of new. 

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Our number one goal is customer happiness and one way we offer that is by saving you time and money. By salvaging parts from accident damaged Mercedes Benz cars this being the hardest part. This saves you both time and money in the long run. Our suppliers hunt for Mercedes cars and then pull all usable spares, mark, clean and rack them. Customers don’t have to hunt for these parts or pay full price for brand new components. Our scrap yards has very competitive prices, and since we are located conveniently throughout South Africa and deliver countrywide. Make an enquiry with us today and allow them to provide you with the authentic Mercedes Benz parts you need to keep that well-oiled machine running like it should.