diesel engine is a type of internal combustion engine that takes in air and compresses it. The compressed air is then injected with fuel. The fuel then lights up and burns because of the heat of the compressed air. Unlike gasoline engines, which usually use carburetion or port fuel injection, diesel engines use direct fuel injection. This means that diesel fuel is directly injected into the cylinder.

Diesel Engines Use Injectors

Direct fuel injection is one of the most vital parts of any diesel engine system. The injector is the key to the whole internal combustion process because it delivers the diesel fuel accurately while it keepings itself protected against the high temperatures and pressures in the cylinder.

How Four Stroke Process Works

Most diesel engines operate through a four-stroke process. The first stroke involves drawing air into the cylinder. The air is then compressed by a piston, which heats it up. The next stroke is called the compression stroke, in which the air is pushed all the way to the top of the cylinder, creating an immense compression that heats up the air.

The third stroke is called the power stroke. The stroke starts when fuel is injected and combusts due to the compressed air’s high temperature. The piston is then pushed downward because of the burning gases, creating power that is sent to the crankshaft. The last stroke is the exhaust stroke, in which the burnt gases are pushed out of the car through the exhaust port. The cycle then begins all over again, making the vehicle move.

Diesel Engines Are Economical!

With oil and fuel prices increasing on a regular basis, more and more people are looking for different alternatives to their gasoline dependent cars. One of the best alternatives that have been around for a long time is the diesel engine. Using cars that run on diesel engines is more economical than using ones that run on gasoline because diesel has better fuel economy compared to gasoline. This means that cars running on diesel go longer distances with one tank of fuel compared to cars running on gasoline. In addition, diesel is generally cheaper than gasoline, except in places where high emissions standards, as well as taxes, are imposed on diesel fuel.

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