A Mercedes Benz mass air flow sensor has the responsibility of gauging both the amount and temperature of air coming into the engine. With these measurements, it helps the fuel injection system decide the mixing ratio of fuel for peak performance in both cold climates and high altitudes. Like all car parts, a mass air flow sensor can fail, but it can be easily replaced by even the most novice mechanic.

Signs the Mass Air Flow Sensor Needs Replaced

A check engine light may indicate the need for a new mass air flow sensor. A Benz also gives a variety of clues. Improper throttle response may indicate the need for replacement. Additionally, any engine hesitation during acceleration, hiccups, abnormal idling, stalling, or refusing to start at all points to a mass air flow sensor needing replaced.

Can Replacement Wait?

In a word, no. A Mercedes Benz mass air flow sensor failure leads to a decline in engine efficiency. This decline makes gas mileage suffer and makes the process more expensive than necessary. Have the problem diagnosed as soon as the signs of failure appear.

Replacing the Mass Air Flow Sensor

Once the problem is correctly diagnosed, pull the engine cover up one side at a time. The Mass air flow sensor is at the engine’s rear. Unplug the wire harness from the mass air flow sensor by deploying the tabs on the top and bottom, and then pull the attached hose out. Push the tabs holding the housing in place to the sides and pull the housing in the direction of the engine’s rear.

At this point, the mass air flow sensor can be moved immediately. Remove the replacement from its packaging and place it where the failed sensor was once housed. Make sure to secure the tabs that hold it in place. Reattach the hose to the sensor and reconnect the wire harness to complete the job.

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