Are you having trouble with the windows or sunroof on your Mercedes not opening and closing properly? Luckily, this may be an easy problem to fix.

* Windows or sunroof not closing properly
* After closing, the window drops a few centimeters (inches)
* The one-touch (up or down) feature is not working
* It takes several clicks to get your windows or sunroof to open or close properly


The exact causes tend to vary, but common reasons include having recently disconnected or replaced your car’s battery, or the charge on the battery of your Mercedes not holding. Likewise, if the battery died altogether and had to be replaced, you may experience difficulties operating your windows and sunroof.

In many cases, you may just need to resynchronize them. Simply follow these steps.


1. Make sure all of the doors on your car are closed. If not, the remaining steps will not fix the problem.
2. Insert the key in the ignition and turn it to position 1 or 2. Important: Do not start your car.
3. Hold the window up button in the first position (first click) until the window is completely closed. Continue holding the button until there is a click (usually takes 2 to 5 seconds).
4. Check if your window now operates properly, including one-touch opening and closing. If it does not, repeat step 3 until fixed.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the other windows.

1. Make sure all of the doors on your car are closed.
2. Insert the key in the ignition and turn it to position 2. Important: Do not start the car.
3. Open your sunroof completely. You may need to press the sunroof open button a number times before it works.
4. Once the sunroof is completely opened, keep holding the switch in the open position until you hear a click. (You may need to continue to hold the switch for up to 5 seconds in the event that you do not hear a click.)
5. Close the sunroof and repeat holding the switch for up to 5 seconds after the sunroof is completely closed.
6. If this does not resolve the problem, repeat steps 3-5.


If these steps do not resolve your Mercedes Benz sunroof or window problems, you may need to repair or replace some of the parts. New parts are very expensive, but we can help you find used Mercedes sunroof parts for much less. Since brand new cars get into accidents sometimes, there are almost always like-new salvage parts available.

Our company represents scrap yards in South Africa that dismantle Mercedes Benz vehicles for sale as spare parts. When you make an enquiry, you instantly contact a network of Mercedes salvage yards. This saves you time from calling each supplier individually, and it also allows you to choose the best quote for parts to do your Mercedes sunroof repair.