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It needs no further introduction because the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is undeniably popular all over the world. This German-manufactured vehicle was patronized all over the world for the past 5 generations. Records show that this best selling E Class model of Mercedes Benz has sold over 13 million units worldwide.

Mercedes Benz parts are usually expensive and buyers who needed these parts are having a hard time procuring the item. This is where our company steps in. We offer buyers used Mercedes Benz E-Class parts at a very affordable price. We are a South-African based company that specializes in stripping old and used parts of Mercedes Benz vehicles. We can provide our customer’s Mercedes Benz E class parts like engine, electrical or body parts, you name it, we got it!

Why buy Used Mercedes E Class Spare parts?

Second-hand spare parts are usually from accident-damaged cars. We have a process called Dismantling, wherein a car stripped to its shell and then every part is taken out. These parts will be cleaned and tested before re-packaging. After that, it is ready for use as a good quality spare part. These used car parts are guaranteed to have an excellent condition when it is being sold. Buyers can get these spare parts from us at a very reasonable price since it has been already used. It is economical and cheap, compared to buying a new car part. Buying used spare part is practical and it is still the best option for car owners.

About The Mercedes E-Class

About The Mercedes E Class

The Mercedes E Class is a luxury car that was introduced in 1993 to replace the W124. The third generation of this vehicle became available from 2015, and it included significant enhancements including exterior design changes, safety improvements and new engines. This model has been sold all over Australia for more than two decades now because it’s one of the best models on the market today – which means there are plenty of spare parts around if you need them.


The engines in the Mercedes E class are powerful and efficient. There is a wide range of petrol and diesel engine choices available, including:

– A 160 horsepower four cylinder turbo charged petrol engine

– A 204 horsepower five cylinder supercharged petrol engine

– Two different V220 diesels with either 130 or 170 horse power


There are a number of different gearbox options in the Mercedes E Class. You can choose from six-speed manual, five speed automatic and seven speed automatic transmissions, depending on which engine you have chosen to install in your car. Each one is reliable and well suited for everyday use – so even though it’s an older model car now, there will be plenty of spares around if something breaks down or needs replacing at some point over time.

Search our stock online or drop into our yard! If you’re looking for high quality used Mercedes spares at great prices then we’ve got what you need right here at German Spares. We have warehouses full of spares located conveniently around Gauteng so we can deliver your replacement parts as soon as possible after your order.

We carry a wide variety of Mercedes parts including the E Class W211 and all models within this range, such as petrol, diesel engines and automatic transmissions . For high quality used parts at discounted rates for your beloved Mercedes-Benz , shop with us today!

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    W124 Mercedes Spares

    The W124 was launched n 1984 and it was the third car to use the company’s new design theme. In most occasions, you will notice that choosing used W124 Mercedes Benz parts is actually a less costly way to go rather than when you buy straight from neighborhood Mercedes agents and service centers. Mercedes-Benz cars, specifically those in more sophisticated series,  are extremely highly-priced vehicles to fix. Basically by acquiring second hand spare parts, however, you are able to encounter Mercedes parts at a lower price, while not minimizing on quality.

    W210 Mercedes Spares

    The second generation W210 was introduced in 1995 and was face-lifted in 1999, improving its physical look and mechanical properties. In the majority of instances, you will find that buying used W210 Mercedes parts is definitely a much cheaper answer versus whenever you purchase from regional Mercedes agrents and service centers. Mercedes-Benz automobiles, particularly those later models, always are ranked the most pricy automobiles to repair. Through the process of purchasing pre-owned spares, however, anybody can buy car parts at a discount, without any jeopardizing on the quality.

    W211 Mercedes Spares

    The third generation W211 E-Class was face-lifted in 2006. This is done for the 2007 model year. Quality and technical issues were improved during this time. In just about all occasions, you will notice that obtaining used W211 Mercedes parts is a less costly solution rather than whenever you purchase from regional Mercedes benz agrents and service centers. Mercedes-Benz cars, in particular those in latest series, repeatedly rise some of the most really expensive automobiles to repair. With purchasing second hand parts, however, one can buy spares at a lower price, without ever lowering upon quality.

    W212 Mercedes Spares

    In 2009, the fourth generation W212 replaced the W211 as the new 2010 model. The said model has more safety features and a more intricate design. In most cases, you’ll find that obtaining used W212 Mercedes parts and spares is actually a less costly alternative versus whenever you buy straight from neighborhood Mercedes agrents and service centres. Mercedes-Benz automobiles, especially those in recent series, without fail rise one of the most costly cars to repair. By purchasing second hand spares, however, you’re able to buy parts at a discount, while avoiding giving up on caliber.

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