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Essentially the most complex facets of trying to find used Mercedes spares in Pretoria is the search for engines. There’s lots of Benz junk yard companies and contacting them all for quotes might not be the best use of your energy and time. Our group is familiar with the necessity of seeking a dependable parts inside a almost no time. When your main priority is price, durability of the engine, or turnaround time to get the spare part, you will find we offer the solution which will achieve those goals. Simply phone us or submit the enquiry form and you’ll be one step nearer to obtaining your new engine or part.

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WDC 1631542A210976
Fuel tank sender unit
2024-01-09 11:31:45 +00:00
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2023-08-18 14:38:49 +00:00
2023-03-09 10:23:55 +00:00
Vin # WDD2050422R006101
I'm interested in buying the left front door for Mercedes-Benz C200 AVANTEGARDE A/T 2014
2022-11-03 03:19:30 +00:00
Vin # WDD2050422R006101
I want to make enquiry about the left front door of mecedes benz C200 AVANTEGARDE A/T 2014
2022-11-03 03:17:14 +00:00
Hi there, do you have part number A6420907337 in stock?
2022-11-01 18:02:45 +00:00
Hello there!
I am looking for a Merc B-Class jack as well as the window clicker for the drivers side.

Thanks so much
2022-11-01 13:26:36 +00:00
Kudakwashe Kativhu
Looking for oil sump
Drives haft oil seal
Wipers grill
Windows windirs
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Sugen Pillay
2018 C Class
Looking for front right skirting - do you have in stock?
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Trudie Raath
Right rear door handle
Right window mechanism to open windows
2022-10-29 20:30:21 +00:00
10 Most Typical Mercedes Engine Problems and How to Identify Them

Discovering your motor is out of commission is definitely not so good news. It will not only place your Mercedes out of working order, nevertheless it may also be tricky to diagnose and more challenging to repair. There is a multitude of signs and symptoms that might be present, for instance misfiring or overheating, nevertheless the cause is difficult to find unless you know your path about motors.

What May Be the Problem?
These are some of the most typical engine difficulties and how you can find them.

Lousy lubrication.
Reduced oil pressure is usually one of several reasons behind engine failures because oil will be life line for the engine. Engine oil not just lessens rubbing of parts but furthermore oils the engine and takes in heat. For this reason neglecting to substitute oil at the suggested intervals will eventually severely wreck your car engine. Failing to ensure ideal lubrication causes the vehicle to overheat and its components to break, so maintain oil at an suitable level.

Oil pump fail.
Whenever a automobile’s oil pump isn’t functional, the engine will certainly seize from scarcity of oil that will frequently create permanent damages. Overhead cam engines are specially prone, because the cam and valve train will be farther from the pump compared to what they are in push-rod engines. Oil must be of a correct viscosity, which means it has to be light enough to move easily.

Unclean engine oil.
Oil may also build-up by leaving deposits on intake valves, spark plugs and combustion chambers. Components for instance pistons and valves operate particularly effortlessly, and having debris stops that performance. If the oil filter is congested or absent, this might be the reason for the situation.

Worn spark plug.
The spark plug ignites pressurized gas within your engine to make your automobile go. It’s functionality is always to spark the pressurized petrol within the engine. Older spark plugs might cause the electrical power to leak which in turn produces a feeble spark. A misfire is going to have an affect on engine ability and gas mileage and also trigger substantial amounts of probable havoc.

Spark knock.
Also referred to as engine knock, spark detonation is definitely over loading of pressures in a combustion chamber. When this happens, a metal tapping or pinging sound can be heard. Recurring detonation can result in holes in your engine or else can really deteriorate the engine’s structure. This isn’t an issue generally in most modern engines that are well-maintained, yet badly kept engines can experience this difficulty. Regrettably, in these conditions, it’s time to buy another engine.

Damaged or faulty oxygen sensing unit.
The sensor processes what amount o2 hasn’t been burned off inside the exhaust system. This is subsequently converted into information regarding gasoline use as well as appears on the dash panel as being the fuel meter. A problematic O2 device means the vehicle gets wrong data.

Reduced compression.
If oxygen and fuel aren’t effectively pressurized, the motor can not carry out its combustion procedure. If combustion is not occurring, the motor will not operate. You’ll find several points from which compression could possibly be failing, like the pistons and cylinders.

Coolant loss.
Usually, coolant loss is the most frequent reason of heating up. The ensuing high temperature may harm the engine and is expensive for restore.

Blocked radiator.
Just like oil, coolant can get mucky after some time. In the event the radiator has also become heaped with grime coming from soiled coolant, it will likely induce your car engine to get too hot. Corrode also occurs anytime hard water is used.

Unfastened or missing petrol lid.
A hugely missed issue in engine problems is definitely the petrol cap. Loose gas caps discharge petrol vapors in the economy that may cut down a Merc’s gas mileage and perhaps increase the amount of cash spent on petrol.

Has your dashboard lit up the “check engine” light? Whatever you may think is faulty it’s crucial that you speak to a car repair company. Equipped with the above mentioned guidance you will have a significantly better perception of what is awry along with your motor. Should you desire to swap your Mercedes engine, then allow us to assist you in getting rates from our big community of Mercedes dismantlers in Pretoria.

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